Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Muddy Trail Run

Well I had a great time at LBL (Land Between the Lakes) this past weekend even though the mud and rain added their own kind of fun to the festivities. By the end of 37.5 miles I had went through three pairs of socks because the mud went through my shoes and socks only to cake up under my feet and toes! I had to change socks after every loop to keep from getting some nasty blisters, but otherwise the no biggie. I also brought along my new favorite drink for long runs, Yoo Hoo!! It's fantastic since it gives you the chocolate milk taste but doesn't have to be refrigerated. My recovery time was a day and I am planning to get out and do a quick 6 miler this evening. I think that the yoga and diet has played a big part in recovery this time around and I look forward to testing it again in April at the STL marathon! Also, this was the first race I tried electrolyte tablets.... Not sure if I like them yet, because I need to use them a few more times to get a real feel for them. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their week so far!!



  1. Aaron!! Congrats on the 37.5 miler...bet you are still digging dirt out from under those toenails! I think what you are doing is great and inspiring!

  2. Hey, Aaron. Congrats on your recent run. I'm amazed that 1) you can manage that distance in the first place, and 2) that you recover so quickly. I'm not at all surprised that yoga and diet contribute to your success. You are an inspiration!

    I've been reading ChiRunning and attempting to integrate this into my running style. I don't see any more marathons or ultra-distance in my future, but I hope to get in some 10K's and maybe a 13.2 sometime before fall.

    Way to go!