Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Gonna miss this weather

I am very excited to finally be back on track with my running schedule! The past two weeks I have put in 30+ miles each week and looking towards my first 40 mile week since October of last year! My knee feels great and I am enjoying the nice weather thats creeping up on us. I recently started a new regimen in my running routine where my long run is no more than 50% of my total mileage for the week, and it is making a huge difference in my recovery time. No matter what distance I run, the soreness fades after a few hours! I am really excited to see how this works for race conditions, which I will be able to test in two weeks when I run my first race of the year in Kentucky! The race is 37 miles and will be a great trial to see how all the weight training, yoga, and diet is paying off.

My wife Brook made a comment about the evil Girl Scout Cookies were causing a few problems but its been getting easier to dodge them with all the new creations Brook has been making in the kitchen! My favorite meal of all time that she makes is her Peanut Butter Thai, but I am really enjoying the soups she has been making lately such as shrimp chowder and chicken veggie soup! I realize that my body craves ice cream no matter what, but lately we have been enjoying TCBY frozen yogurt treats that are really hitting the sweet tooth spot!

I am really enjoying the new circuit training this month because it focuses more on using your own body as weight rather than free weights (push ups, pull ups, chair dips). It has been easier for me to get into a routine this time around when I am worrying about so many free weight exercises!

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  1. Great post, dude. I didn't realize you first race was coming up so soon. I'm sure you are ready and it will be a great run. Looking forward to hearing how your training is paying off for your performance.

    Have Brook send some of those yummy recipe's my way and I'll pass them along to the group. Sounds good!

    Also, I really dig the new pic on the heading of your blog.